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Application process

The Global Learners Programme is now closed to new applicants

Pre-entry onto the programme

  • Candidates need a minimum of Level 7 in reading, speaking and listening and 6.5 in writing in an IELTS test taken in the last 2 years or the minimum of grade B in reading, speaking and listening and a C+ in writing in an OET test taken in the last 2 years
  • Have current registration or licence with a recognised nursing body
  • Practised as a registered nurse for at least 6 months since qualifying
  • Evidence of recent clinical practice i.e. 6 months within the last 2 years
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Additional support is available to all candidates

  • Language training to meet requirements of the regulator (Nursing and Midwifery Council) – online, skype, classroom support available
  • Clinical training and practice to achieve NMC Test of Competence Part 1 - CBT
  • Support with NMC application and visa submission processes

Pre-departure process

  • Take either the IELTS exam and achieve level 7 and 6.5 in writing or the OET exam and achieve Grade B and a C+ in writing. If you have a recent pre-registration nursing or midwifery programme that has been taught and examined in English at one of the NMC approved educational institution you shall be able to satisfy the Registrar that you have the necessary knowledge of English.
  • Successfully pass a Skype interview with an NHS hospital
  • Complete the NMC on-line assessment
  • Apply and pay for the NMC test of competence part 1 (CBT)
  • Pass the CBT Test
  • Apply for and receive a UK visa
  • Make a formal application to the NMC and pay the application fee
  • Receive notification of the outcome of the application by the NMC and if successful prepare to attend the UK based Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in the UK

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